Matt Figley

Matt Figley is currently the EVP at Primary Colors Design Corp where he over sees Sales, Marketing, Licensing, and other day to day activities for the past 3yrs. The previous 15yrs. he held various positions at Bendon Inc. ultimately finishing as VP of Sales. Over this time frame he has developed numerous relationships with several retailers, suppliers, and Licensors establishing a win-win reputation that would garner success for all.

Matt and his wife (Megan) are high school sweethearts and have 3 adult children and 3 handsome grandsons! Both have grown up in Ashland County and have continued to call Ashland home. In case you were wondering they are Ohio State fans!!!

Matt enjoys spending time with family and friends playing games and having a good time! He loves playing sports but most of all basketball, which he previously coached for several years at Hillsdale before hanging up his whistle to spend that time with his children.

He was first introduced to GBB growing up in Mifflin when he was around 10 (not to date him but that is 38 years ago!) and back then we did not have all the electronic influences this younger generation has today. Learning to carve a stick, tie a knot, pitch a tent, build a fire, and prepare food are just a few of things he remembers doing while attending GBB events. The most important part was not those things, but the devotional time spent singing and in the word of GOD!! It was during one of those events where he accepted Jesus Christ as his lord and savior. So, having this platform to get them out with nature learning how to survive and thrive as a young man is now more important than ever. 

Having an opportunity to join an organization like Skywatchers would be a privilege that he does not take lightly and would be honored to be a part of it. Having experience with P&L statements and budgeting while having a wonderful wife who spent more than 13yrs in the banking industry, handling the position of treasurer would be something he could do with success.

God Bless!